Montréal Classique offers quality work for tattoo enthousiasts in the Hochelaga area, Montreal. Ranging mostly through classic styles such as old school tattoos and japanese traditional, some artists offer a wider selection to accomodate your needs.

Select your artist below and follow their personal instructions on how to proceed for an appointment. For general inquiries, you can also contact us by email at info@montrealclassique.com.

Karl Finley

Jitan Forcier

Alex Duquette

Dan Gagné

Liloo Boyd

Max Nonmerci

Zach Barrault

Joe Black Mamba


At Montréal Classique, artists make their own schedule. Walk-ins are a possibility if you catch the shop open but getting in touch with an artist beforehand remains the best course of action. You can contact us by email at info@montrealclassique.com.

Generally 11am to 4pm
Tuesday through Saturday
4561 Sainte-Catherine EAST, Montreal (QC)